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Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

We support your long-term weight-loss surgery success with classes, speakers, a support group and individual counseling.

At El Camino Hospital, our bariatric care team is dedicated to helping you succeed in your weight-loss goals. Our experienced, compassionate professionals provide you with ongoing support — from the time you’re deciding about surgery to long after you have it. Our full spectrum of support involves:

  • Helping you adjust to a new way of eating. Our nutrition professionals teach you about what, how and when to eat and drink — as well as what to avoid.
  • Encouragement through a support group. Get advice from others who’ve had surgery and have firsthand experience with what it takes to succeed. The group meets monthly, allowing former and new patients to help each other stay on track. 
  • Continuing education. We help you keep learning about your new lifestyle with curriculum from the Bariatric Support Centers International, which includes information on nutrition, lifestyle, psychological issues and long-term follow-up care.
  • Seminars with guest speakers. Learn more about the changes you’ll experience from plastic surgeons who discuss re-contouring after weight loss and psychologists who talk about relationship issues.
  • Individualized follow-up care. We offer supplemental personalized exercise programs, nutrition education, physical therapy and mental health counseling. Often, these are covered by health insurance.
  • Calling us with questions and other support. We’re here to support your success. 

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