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Heart & Vascular Care

Heart & Vascular Care

We offer advanced heart, vascular and stroke care at every stage, from prevention, diagnosis and treatment through rehabilitation.

Cardiovascular disease — which includes several heart and blood vessel conditions — is the No. 1 killer in the United States. If you or a loved one is living with heart and vascular disease or has a high risk of developing it, we can help.

The Norma Melchor Heart & Vascular Institute at El Camino Hospital is home to a team of heart and vascular specialists that’s committed to providing you with the highest level of patient care. Our heart care experts work together to deliver comprehensive care — from community education and prevention to diagnosis and treatment. Whenever possible, we use the least invasive treatments to promote healing, limit complications and lower risk.

Our cardiovascular expertise and dedication to our patients has earned us awards, accolades and professional accreditations, but our greatest accomplishment is helping people achieve optimal health.

Comprehensive Heart Care, Locally

The Institute provides the kind of care you expect to find at a large medical center, with the added comfort and convenience of your neighborhood hospital. We offer:

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Made Possible by the Melchors

The Melchors
The Norma Melchor Heart & Vascular Institute was named for Norma Melchor, long-time philanthropist and hospital volunteer. Learn More.

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