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Wound Care

Wound Care

Our Wound Care Center offers specialized care for chronic, non-healing wounds. Our experts develop personalized treatment plans to minimize discomfort and help you heal.
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Wounds need healthy blood circulation to heal properly. But, conditions that affect blood flow, such as diabetes and peripheral artery disease, can affect your body’s ability to heal. This can lead to chronic, non-healing wounds — those that do not heal within 30 days or respond to treatment.

These types of wounds require specialized care to heal properly and prevent complications.

Personalized Care for Wound Healing

Our specialized team works with your primary care doctor and other providers to develop a personalized treatment plan. Specially trained nurses, vascular surgeons, podiatrists, orthopedists, plastic surgeons and other specialists provide expert care for:

We bring specialists together to offer a full-range of care in a single place, from expert diagnosis to the latest noninvasive and minimally invasive treatments. And, we help educate you about wound healing and how to lower risk factors that can affect healing.

We offer:

  • Expert diagnosis. We use noninvasive techniques, such as ultrasound, to examine blood flow and determine what’s blocking the healing process.
  • Advanced therapies. The center offers a full range of wound healing therapies — from debridement (removal of tissue to allow healing), compression (to reduce swelling) and the latest techniques in wound dressing to access to surgeons who perform advanced surgical procedures.
  • Comprehensive diabetic foot care. Nurses, podiatrists, endocrinologists and other specialists provide comprehensive care to prevent and treat diabetic foot ulcers.

You’ll benefit from the combined experience of our specialists, who work together to bring you a full spectrum of services based on your needs — including direct access to expert wound care in the hospital.

From personalized treatment to coordination and planning for your ongoing needs, our wound care team offers expert care to support your health and well-being.

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