The Breast Health Center: Are You At High Risk for Breast Cancer? | El Camino Hospital
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The Breast Health Center: Are You At High Risk for Breast Cancer?

Did you know that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer? That’s a staggering statistic that all too many of us already know through first-hand experience with family members or friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Nurse Barb reports on a new diagnostic tool that is being offered to women when they come in for a mammogram at El Camino Hospital Breast Health Center. This assessment tool helps to determine whether they are at high risk for breast cancer. Every woman gets a plan, tailored to her unique physiology that will take full advantage of the advanced technology and techniques that the Breast Health Center offers.

In this video, which covers the latest information about breast cancer, Nurse Barb visits the Breast Health Center at El Camino Hospital to show us the state-of-art diagnostics, imaging and treatment options that exemplify this advanced center, and she speaks with medical experts and breast cancer survivors. The following are some of the topics covered in this edition of Nurse Barb: 

  • State-of-art diagnostics, imaging and treatment
  • Dense-breast issues
  • Brachytherapy treatment
  • Digital imaging mammography
  • Computer-aided detection
  • Diagnostic tool for high-risk patients
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