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Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

At El Camino Hospital, our responsibility is to improve the quality of healthcare in our community. We reinvest our earnings into equipment, facilities, staff and programs, all of which makes healthcare better and more convenient for everyone. The services we provide are based on local needs. You can help define those needs through your publicly elected El Camino Hospital District Board of Directors and the leadership team at El Camino Hospital.

El Camino Hospital announces a unanimous board decision to appoint Tomi Ryba as president and CEO

Tomi Ryba
President and Chief Executive Officer



Image of President, El Camino Hospital Foundation, Jodi Barnard

Jodi Barnard
President, El Camino
Hospital Foundation


Image of CEO CONCERN: EAP; Vice President, Professional Corporate and Community Health Services, Cecile Currier

Cecile Currier
EAP; Vice President,
Professional Corporate 
and Community 
Health Services

Image of Dr. William Faber, CMO

William Faber, MD
Chief Medical Officer




Image of Chief Human Resources Officer, Kathryn Fisk

Kathryn Fisk
Chief Human 
Resources Officer




Image of Chief Financial Officer, Iftikhar Hussain

Iftikhar Hussain
Chief Financial Officer

Image of Chief Strategy Officer, Richard Katzman

Richard Katzman
Chief Strategy Officer

Image of Vice President, Payor Relations, Joan Kezic

Joan Kezic
Vice President, Payor

Image of Chief Administrative Services Officer, Ken King

Ken King
Chief Administrative
Services Officer

Image of Chief Nursing Officer, Cheryl Reinking, RN, MS

Cheryl Reinking
Chief Nursing Officer

Image of El Camino Hospital General Counsel Mary Rotunno, Esq.

Mary Rotunno
General Counsel

Image of Chief Information Officer, Greg Walton

Greg Walton
Chief Information

Image of Chief Operating Officer, Mick Zdeblick

Mick Zdeblick
Chief Operating Officer