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Pelvic Health

Did you know that one out of every four women will experience some form of pelvic health issue - bleeding, urinary incontinence or pelvic pain? This number actually doubles as women age!

Pelvic pain and incontinence frequently are suffered in silence, due to embarrassment. But an entire medical discipline devoted to these conditions is making significant inroads in the treatment of the painful conditions that fall under the topic of "pelvic health." Women can now exchange embarrassment for empowerment.

In this edition of Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose, Barb speaks with the pelvic health experts: Drs. Sari Levine and Katherine Sutherland and physical therapist Meenal Mujumdar. Together, they address some of the misconceptions that keep women from seeking treatment for pelvic pain or incontinence problems and explain the advances in treatments that are worth considering. Topics covered include:

  • Conditions that pelvic health treatment address
  • Alternatives to surgery
  • Incontinence as a symptom
  • Specialized physical therapy
  • Beyond Kegels
  • Da Vinci minimally invasive surgery options
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