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Cardiologists Offer Leading-Edge Treatments with The Fogarty Institute for Innovation

The field of cardiology now encompasses much more than the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiologists deal with cardiac issues, of course, but they also treat vascular problems such as aneurisms and blood-flow restrictions throughout the body, from the carotid artery to the lower extremities. Cardiologists may recommend angioplasties, stenting or other treatments.

Through its unique partnership with The Fogarty Institute for Innovation, El Camino Hospital combines world-class research with the latest technology innovations and treatments in an effort to help prevent heart attacks, strokes and other life-threatening conditions. Thomas Fogarty, founder of the Institute, is one of the top medical innovators of the last few generations in the cardiovascular field. Thanks to Dr. Fogarty’s leadership, the Institute makes it possible for the cardiologists at El Camino Hospital to offer the latest in cardiovascular care to its patients.

Nurse Barb Dehn speaks with Dr. James Joye, Anne Fyfe and Dr. Frederick St. Goar to gain insights into the research that El Camino Hospital and The Fogarty Institute for Innovation are pursuing in support of individuals with cardiovascular disease. Topics covered include:

  • Cardiology and cardiologists
  • Community hospital & innovation institute synergy
  • The Fogarty Institute for Innovation partnership
  • Advanced clinical research
  • Patient benefits