Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology provides individuals with treatment to increase their ability to verbally communicate ideas, thoughts, wants and needs clearly, to understand the communication of others and to interpret and interact in the world around them by incorporating cognitive-linguistic processes. Additionally, speech-language pathology addresses problems with eating and swallowing to help the patient maintain adequate nutrition and hydration.

El Camino Hospital Speech-Language Pathology Services

Image of a rehabilitation patient with a speech therapist

Articulation/Oral Motor/Speech Intelligibility: Improve speaking ability.

Cognitive Linguistic Therapy: Improve understanding of language and ability to express thoughts, increase independence for managing daily activities and appointments, improve handwriting and written language proficiency, increase safety awareness and reasoning abilities, and apply remediation strategies for improving memory.

Dysphagia/Swallowing Therapy: Improve swallow function, improve oral motor strength, and provide safe swallow strategies, including VitalStim Therapy.

Voice Therapy: Increase adequate breath support for speech, use voice to convey feelings in the message, difficulties with nasality and use appropriate pitch for a healthy voice.

Fluency Training: To decrease stuttering behaviors.

Pragmatics: Improve understanding of the rules for social appropriateness of communication.

Lee Silverman Voice Therapy: A certified therapist provides LSVT training for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurogenic disorders affecting voice and speech. 

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