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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

Our highly trained team uses the latest equipment and technologies to diagnose your condition, giving doctors the information they need to design your individualized treatment plan.

Diagnostic Center

El Camino Hospital is an area leader for diagnostic services, offering some of the latest equipment to provide a full range of diagnostic services: 

  • The hospital was the first facility in the world to use the Third Eye® Retroscope® — a device that greatly increases the detection of precancerous polyps during a colonoscopy.
  • We were among the first hospitals in the Bay Area to offer specialized endoscopy care, including bronchoscopy, interventional pulmonology and endoscopic ultrasound. 
  • We offer a full range of breast screening services, including advanced digital technologies. Our Breast Health Center is one of the largest facilities in Northern California. 
  • Our laboratory was among the first in the area to use advanced automated technology, which allows us to analyze approximately 1,000 specimens daily. Automation offers faster results and requires less blood for testing, which minimizes discomfort.

We follow the most rigorous safety standards and make every accommodation to keep you comfortable and safe. You can also count on us for:


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