Mera Jimenez, RN

Mera Jimenez, RN PICO: Do prophylactic dressings decrease the incidence of sacral/coccyx pressure ulcers in high risk CCU patients?

Elaine Velasco, RN and Pam Coye, RN

Elaine Velasco, RN & Pam Coye, RN Abstract: Take A Seat to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Veronica Palustra, RN

Veronica Palustra, RN Abstract: A Lean Team Transformation to Improve Patient Care

Suann Schutt, RN and Chris Tarver, RN

Suann Schutt, RN & Chris Tarver, RN PICO question: Can a device monitoring patient movement capture turning variability of patients on medical unit?

Mae Lavente, PN

Mae Lavente, NP 2014 Excellence in Action Award Winner

Vivian Low, RN

Vivian Low, RN 2014 Leadership in Action Award Winner