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Define - Ron

(rahn) n

Male, consultant, photography buff, occasional golfer. One of life’s active participants. A man who refuses to be defined by an arthritic hip.

Ron was hobbled by a painful left hip. “I lived with it for several years,” he says, “but it got to be too much. I couldn’t walk more than a couple of blocks.” So his doctor referred him to an orthopedic surgeon who works at El Camino Hospital.

We’re redefining what it means to be a community hospital with expertise and extensive experience in anterior hip replacement surgery, an advanced, less invasive option that approaches the joint from the front. The outcome? Smaller incisions mean less soft tissue damage, less pain and scarring, better mobility with fewer restrictions and significantly shorter recovery times.

In fact, Ron went home the day after his surgery. This is the leading edge of orthopedic care, delivered in the most personal way possible. As he puts it, “Because of my job, I was worried about how long it would take to recover. But I never needed crutches, used a cane for just a week, and four weeks after the procedure, I was moving well enough to work a trade show. If I had to do it all over again, I’d do everything exactly the same way, in the same place.”
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Define - Parijat
(paa-ree-jaath’) n
Female, wife, psychologist, mother. A woman who refused to let her son’s life be defined by the fact that he was born 16 weeks early.

Parijat’s pregnancy had been challenging from the very beginning, with early contractions, ER visits and a host of other complications. And then, real trouble arrived. “I thought it was just another ER visit,” she says, “just another crazy scare.” Only 22 weeks into her pregnancy, she was admitted to the hospital, and 15 days later her son was born. “He was so tiny!” she says. “One pound, five ounces and only 11-1/2 inches long!” Fortunately, Parijat and her newborn son were at the right place—El Camino Hospital.

We’re redefining the role of a community hospital with a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where highly trained experts, including respiratory therapists, help premature babies gain a critical foothold on life. And, eventually, experience the joy of going for long walks with their moms. This is exceptional mother and baby care, delivered to Parijat and her precious baby boy in the most personal way possible. As she puts it, “Our family is a family because of El Camino Hospital.”

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Define - Scott
(skaht) n
Husband, father, mounted patrolman, fighter. A man who refuses to be defined by Stage 4 colon cancer.

Scott had his first colonoscopy at the age of 52. What it revealed shook him to his core: a three-and-a-half-inch malignant tumor. During surgery to remove it, his medical team discovered more bad news.

The cancer had already spread to his liver and lymph nodes. “I was Stage 4, and thinking I had a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, maybe a month to live,” he says. “But my doctor looked me in the eye and said, ‘This is not necessarily a death sentence.’ So far, he’s been right.”  Almost five years and many treatments later, he’s still here. And we like to think it’s because we’re here.

El Camino Hospital is redefining the role of a community hospital with an extraordinarily high level of expertise in cancer care, and doctors and nurses who battle as hard as our patients do. This is exceptional cancer care, delivered to Scott in the most personal way possible. “I had cancer,” he says, “but it didn’t have me. I don’t ever have to deal with it again, but if it comes, I’m ready to fight it.”
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