Auxiliary Volunteer Opportunities

Auxiliary Volunteer Opportunities

These auxiliary volunteering opportunities are open to adult auxiliary volunteers except as noted. See How to Become an Adult Auxiliary Volunteer for more information.

The Auxiliary cannot guarantee placement of a new member in a specific service. Services, day and shifts are subject to availability and/or suitability of the applicant and assigned at the discretion of the Placement Counselor and the Auxiliary.


Cancer Center

Volunteers assist the Cancer Center Concierge and staff with non-clinical activities to provide and help maintain a warm, welcoming, calm, and efficient environment in the Center and to assist with the Boutique.


Coffee Cart

Java Junction volunteers work as cashiers, baristas or servers on our Starbucks coffee cart, making various hot and cold coffee, tea or blended beverages for staff, visitors and volunteers.


Critical Care Receptionist

Volunteers are the liaisons between the families/visitors and the staff in the Critical Care Unit. They work to maintain a clean, neat, friendly atmosphere in the Critical Care Waiting Room and help visitors by being understanding and calm in a stressful area.


Emergency Department Services

Volunteers greet, interact with patients and visitors to lessen the stress of their time in the Emergency Department, to add an extra measure of the human touch to an experience that can be confusing and stressful. Volunteers assist staff with errands and restocking supplies to ready rooms for incoming patients and to help staff.



Endoscopy volunteers greet visitors in the waiting room, help staff with paperwork and provide wheelchair transport for patients.



Escort volunteers know every area of El Camino Hospital and respond to staff requests to deliver paperwork, lab samples, etc. to the desired location. When called, they also go up to patient rooms with wheelchairs, get the discharged patients and take them to their rides at the curb.



Greeters welcome incoming patients and visitors, escorting them toward the hospital services and waiting rooms they are seeking; help provide assistance to patients coming in for early morning surgeries or being discharged from the hospital; and provide support for the Information Desk volunteers.


Health Library and Resource Center

Health Library and Resource Center (HLRC) volunteers serve as receptionists for visitors to the HLRC, represent the HLRC at community events, do data entry, and make follow-up calls to patients.



Information volunteers are the face of El Camino Hospital. These volunteers go the extra mile to answer questions of incoming patients and visitors, provide information and directions to hospital services, and maintain current list of patients to help the public visiting loved ones in the hospital.


Library (Auxiliary)

Library volunteers maintain the supply of magazines and books in the Auxiliary Library and distribute them to the various waiting rooms throughout the hospital. They deliver magazines and/or books to patients periodically and upon request.


Mother-Baby Services

Mother-baby volunteers, working in the happiest part of the Hospital, assist patients, staff, and visitors in various ways, including serving as receptionist for visitors, assisting with paperwork, maintaining the patient refrigerator and snack supplies, assisting mothers with their menu choices, baking cookies for the unit, providing wheelchair transport for mothers visiting their babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and helping with patient dismissals.



Office volunteers serve as receptionists/secretaries in the Auxiliary Office. These volunteers help the Office Coordinator, the Office Assistant and the Auxiliary by answering phones and assisting Auxiliary Board members, visitors, and other volunteers.


Patient Care Liaison

Patient Care Liaison volunteers assist nursing staff with tasks that help orient the patient to his/her environment, restock room supplies, converse and socialize with patients and perform non-clinical tasks as requested by the nursing staff.


Patient Safety Vounteers (Juniors)

Patient Safety volunteers round on patients who are designated fall risks to make sure that all proscribed safety protocols are in place and liaise between patients and nursing staff.


Pinkies and Hooks and Needles

The Pinkies sew the beloved Auxiliary Comfort Pillows for patients by coming in once a week to the Pinkies sewing room and cutting out, sewing together and stuffing these wonderful pillows.

The Hooks and Needles volunteers knit/crochet beautiful hats for El Camino Hospital newborn babies. They also knit and crochet hats, shawls and lap robes to comfort El Camino Hospital Oncology patients as they go through treatment here. Most of the Hooks and Needles volunteers work at home.


Resource Pool

This group meets when needed to help a hospital or Auxiliary department with a project or a mailing. These requests may come from the Foundation, the hospital or the Auxiliary.



Roadrunners drive a fleet of hospital-owned vehicles, assisting community members with their transportation needs for various errands or doctor's appointments. Roadrunners provide door to door service for a nominal fee so that people who may not be able to drive can get to their appointments. They also service Lifelines communication units in clients' homes, and assist clients in using the units.



Shuttle volunteers drive an electric cart throughout the parking areas, picking up patients and visitors who would like a ride to the hospital entrance and other locations on the El Camino Hospital campus.


Surgery Services

These volunteers work in several areas of the hospital and act as a liaison between visitors, patients and staff. They facilitate communication between the surgeons/ staff and families/visitors. Some volunteers prepare paperwork for each day's in-hospital surgery patients. They assist the staff in preparing packets and charts for patients and provide a helpful and welcoming environment for the patients and families.



TeleCare volunteers make phone calls to registered clients, providing a friendly greeting and conversation for housebound community members while assuring their safety on a daily basis.


Tour Guide

These volunteers guide visitors through public areas of the hospital and provide information about the building of the new hospital and current services.