One Donor's Story

One Donor's Story

Idelle and Frank Piumarta met at a café by the Sunnyvale train station after World War II. She had traveled to California from Chicago to visit a friend. He and his six brothers grew up on their parents’ dairy farm in Sunnyvale, located between Hwy 101 and 237, when the valley was dotted by apricot trees instead of high technology.

Frank graduated from Fremont High School in 1940 and went directly into the marines. During World War II he was stationed on an island in the South Pacific near New Zealand. From 1948 until his retirement in 1983 he worked in fuels management for the Naval Air Station at Moffett Field. He also served

Idelle and Frank Piumarta
many years in the California National Guard, rising to the rank of second lieutenant. Idelle worked as a secretary and volunteered for the El Camino Hospital Auxiliary.

The two led a simple, unassuming life and didn’t believe in accumulating a lot of possessions. "They were plain, good people," says their nephew Vern Piumarta, who checked in on them regularly during their last years and helped to ensure they were well cared for.

Idelle died in February and Frank three months later. They were 90 and 91 years old respectively. In their final year of life they turned with increasing frequency to El Camino Hospital for their care. Never ones to call attention to themselves or boast about their successful investments, no one knew they had remembered the hospital in their estate plan.

"In life Idelle and Frank embodied the good, old-fashioned values of honesty, thrift and hard work," says Vern. With their $274,000 planned gift they leave a further legacy, one that benefits all of us in the community.