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Hope to Health

Hope to Health is a philanthropic council of individuals who care about the health of women and families, and believe in the power of philanthropy to make a difference. 

Image of Hope 2 Health 2016 check presentationWorking together, Hope to Health (H2H) members raise awareness and pool resources to support programs at El Camino Hospital that have an impact on the health needs of women and families in our community.

H2H events are both social and informative, offering participants an opportunity to improve the health and welfare of others. Each year, members choose a focus area for giving and then decide on a specific program to support with their pooled donations — gynecologic care for low-income women, innovative mental health programs for women, seniors, or adolescents, menopause and pelvic health programs, heart health education or other new healthcare initiatives designed to meet the needs of women and families in our community.



Become a Member

When you make a donation of $1,000, you're eligible for H2H membership — company matching funds can be used toward the amount and it can be paid in one or two installments. This annual membership fee is used to underwrite the H2H giving program.

To learn more about H2H, please send us an email or call us at 650-988-4189.

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H2H funds are managed as part of the El Camino Hospital Foundation and are used solely to provide new or expanded healthcare services at El Camino Hospital.

Hope to Health Grants

Breast Health Center

  • Dietician Consultant
  • Osteoporosis Screening & Education

Cancer Center

  • Comfort Care
  • Lymphedema Program

Health Library & Resource Center

  • Eldercare Program
  • Family Caregiver Assistance

Heart & Vascular Care

  • Women’s Heart Health Screening Program
  • Women’s Heart Health Task Force
  • South Asian Heart Center Women’s Program

Mental Health Services

  • ASPIRE (youth and young adult)
  • ASPIRE parent resource center
  • Follow-up therapy for newly discharged women
  • MOMS (women)
  • OATS (seniors)

Rehabilitation Center

Women’s Health

  • Pelvic Health Program
  • Menopause Program