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Auxiliary Volunteer Opportunities

Auxiliary Volunteer Opportunities

The Auxiliary offers a variety of rewarding volunteer roles at our Mountain View and Los Gatos campuses.

Whether you have a lot of time or just a little to give, you can make a difference. Our volunteers fill a variety of roles, from assisting staff and interacting with patients and visitors to providing transportation, comfort and much more. El Camino Hospital Auxiliary’s placement counselors are dedicated to helping you find a role that’s interesting and rewarding.

Regardless of the role you choose or the time you contribute, you’ll find the work you do at the hospital to be a gratifying experience.

Fill out an El Camino Hospital Auxiliary application to get started.

Find a Volunteer Position

We offer a variety of volunteer roles in departments and other areas throughout the hospital. Find an area that interests you.

Amenities cart

Volunteers take the amenities cart — which has small personal items, hand sanitizer, eye glasses, Kleenex and other items patients may need — to hospital patients’ rooms.

Auxiliary library

Volunteers maintain a supply of reading materials in the various waiting rooms, and deliver magazines and books to patients.

Auxiliary office

Volunteers serve as receptionists/secretaries in the Auxiliary office. They answer phones and assist board members, visitors and other volunteers.

Chairman of the Day

Appropriate for more experienced volunteers, the chairman of the day coordinates all volunteer services and resolves problems that arise during a shift. Often, this requires making rounds through the hospital to determine where assistance is needed.

Coffee cart

Volunteers for Java Junction — a coffee cart, located on the Mountain View campus, that offers hot and cold Starbucks beverages — work as cashiers, baristas and servers.

Critical care nursing unit

Volunteers assist nurses, restock areas of the unit, and run errands for critical care staff.

Emergency department

Volunteers interact with patients and visitors to minimize stress and provide comfort during an often confusing and difficult time. They assist staff by running errands, folding and stocking linen, and preparing rooms for incoming patients.


Volunteers help with paperwork and provide wheelchair transportation for endoscopy patients.


Escort volunteers get plenty of exercise. They respond to staff requests to deliver paperwork, lab samples and other items to various parts of the hospital. In addition, for patients who’ve been discharged from the hospital, they provide wheelchair transport to the front entrance of the hospital.


Volunteers greet incoming patients and visitors and help them get to their destination. They also help patients being discharged from the hospital and provide support for information desk volunteers.

Guidelines coordinators

Volunteers lead semi-monthly training classes — and occasionally a private class — to orient new hospital volunteers. Classes cover volunteering policies such as safety procedures, uniform guidelines, volunteer role clarification and more. In addition, guidelines coordinators keep the volunteer guidelines manual up to date.

Health Library & Resource Center

Volunteers serve as receptionists at the Health Library & Resource Center, represent the center at community events, perform data entry, and make follow-up calls to patients.

Information desk

Volunteers answer questions of incoming patients and visitors, as well as provide directions to hospital services.

Mother-baby care

Volunteers assist new mothers, staff and visitors in various ways — everything from serving as a receptionist and assisting with paperwork to providing wheelchair transportation for new moms visiting their babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Patient care liaison

Volunteers assist nursing staff with tasks that help orient patients to their environment, as well as perform nonclinical tasks for the nursing staff.

Patient experience

Volunteers assist the patient experience team in assuring hospital patients are satisfied with the care they receive during their stay. They visit patient rooms and survey patients about their experience at El Camino Hospital, using an iPad to track patient responses.

Patient safety

Volunteers perform various tasks to help nursing staff educate patients about fall prevention and safety during their hospital stay.

“Pinkies” and “Hooks and Needles”

Pinkies volunteers sew comfort pillows for the patients, working from home and weekly as a group at the hospital.

Hooks and Needles volunteers, who work from home, knit/crochet hats for babies born at El Camino Hospital, along with hats, shawls and lap robes for oncology patients. They also crochet “busy squares” — quilt squares made with a variety of textures and objects to occupy dementia patients, who often find comfort in handling the squares.

Resource pool

Volunteers assist with various projects — such as administrative duties, tasks related to an upcoming event or filling in wherever additional assistance is needed — for the Auxiliary, the Foundation and the hospital.

RoadRunners transportation

RoadRunners volunteers drive a fleet of hospital-owned vehicles, driving community members to appointments and other errands. They also assist clients in using Lifeline in-home emergency response units.


Volunteers drive a golf cart around the parking areas, picking up patients and visitors. They transport people to the hospital entrance and other areas on the campus.

Surgery admissions (inpatient)

Volunteers prepare paperwork for hospital surgery patients and help them get ready for surgery. They create a welcoming environment for patients and their families and provide assistance as needed.

Surgery center (outpatient)

Volunteers assist patients and visitors before and after outpatient surgery, and run errands for staff.


Tele-Care volunteers make phone calls to people who live alone, providing a friendly greeting and assuring the safety of these individuals on a daily basis.

Therapeutic humor and music

Volunteers visit individually with the patients on the nursing units, offering friendly, upbeat conversation. They also hand out humorous books, recordings or other items to brighten a patient’s day.

Waiting room liaisons (Los Gatos)

Volunteers assist patients and ensure families/visitors in the waiting rooms are well informed, as well as perform other related duties. Volunteer roles are available in the surgery, critical care and emergency departments.

Junior Auxiliary Service Opportunities

Junior volunteers provide assistance in a variety of roles as described below.  During their service, junior volunteers may encounter patients, family members, physicians, hospital administration and medical staff.  The junior service opportunities for Mountain View and for Los Gatos are listed separately.

Mountain View Junior Service Opportunities


Escort volunteers know every area of El Camino Hospital and respond to staff requests to deliver paperwork, lab samples, etc. to the desired location.  When called, they also take wheelchairs to patient rooms, get the discharged patients and take them to their rides at the curb.

Information Desk

Information Desk volunteers are the face of El Camino Hospital.  Volunteers answer the questions of incoming patients and visitors, and provide them with information and directions to hospital services and to patient’s rooms.

Mother-baby Care

Volunteers assist new mothers, staff and visitor in various ways -- everything from serving as a receptionist and assisting with paperwork to providing wheelchair transportation for new moms visiting their babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Patient Safety Volunteers

Patient Safety volunteer make the rounds to patients who are at risk of falling to make sure that all prescribed safety protocols are in place and the volunteers liaise between patients and nursing staff.

Los Gatos Junior Service Opportunities

Emergency Department

Emergency Department volunteers assist the Emergency Department staff in a variety of administrative and non-medical tasks.  They replenish linens and other supplies as needed and liaise between patients and nursing staff.


Escort/Information volunteers are the first people that patients and visitors meet when they come to the hospital.  They are thoroughly familiar with the hospital, including its various departments and patients’ rooms.  These volunteers greet visitors, answer questions, direct and escort patients to registration, out-patient surgery, lab and radiology.  They escort hospital visitors to patients’ rooms. 

Rehabilitation Center Assistant

Rehab Assistants assist the Rehab staff in a variety of administrative and non-medical tasks.  They replenish linens and other supplies as needed in patient rooms and storerooms.  They assist patients in non-medical ways and may engage patients by playing board games and making simple crafts.

Mother-baby care

Volunteers assist new mothers, staff and visitors in various ways --- assisting with paperwork to providing wheelchair transportation for new moms visiting their babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Medical/Surgical/Orthopedic Assistant

M/S/O Assistants aid the nursing staffs of these three departments in administrative and non-medical tasks.  They replenish linens and other supplies as needed, assist patients in non-medical ways, and welcome patients’ visitors and give them information about the hospital and hospital services.

Contact the Auxiliary

Mountain View: 650-940-7214
Los Gatos: 408-866-3940

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