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Physician Resources

Physician Resources

At El Camino Hospital, we’re committed to exceptional patient care and supporting the physicians who provide that care. We’ve designed our resources and services to help you deliver excellent care in a rewarding practice environment that accommodates your needs.

We offer:

  • Services to enhance your practice, including 24-hour physician referral, transcription and answering services and pharmacy accounts.
  • Follow Me Desktop, which allows you to access your own Windows desktop - including all your files and open applications - at computer stations throughout the hospital.
  • Physician relations staff, who are available to help with issues you may encounter while using hospital facilities.
  • Clinical support resources, including clinical pathways, a medical library, an ethics committee and an institutional review board.
  • Continuing education opportunities at Mountain View and Los Gatos campuses. If you’re interested in leading an educational activity, contact the medical staff office by email or at 650-940-7040.
  • Regular physician updates.
  • Physician satisfaction surveys.
  • Personal conveniences, including a medical staff lounge, physician sleep rooms and food service accounts.
  • Opportunities to get involved in hospital marketing and PR.

At Your Service

Learn more about the departments at El Camino Hospital that support and assist our physicians.

Medical Staff Office

The medical staff office supports various physician committees and facilitates communication with medical staff officers. The office accepts applications for initial appointment and reappointment to the medical staff, and presents them to the department chiefs for recommendation of membership and privileges.

If you have ideas or suggestions regarding the medical staff, please feel free to email the medical staff office or call us at 650-940-7040. Physician input is always welcome.

For matters related to physician credentialing, call 650-940-7040 or send us an email.

IT Support

Contact the El Camino Hospital IT help desk for assistance with:

  • Questions related to iCare.
  • Clinical and practice management systems.

Email the help desk or call extension 8000 (internally) or 650-988-7999.

Contracting Services

Contact the contracting services team for assistance with:

  • Group medical supply purchasing.
  • Billing and collections services.
  • General liability and practice insurance.

Call contracting services at 650-988-8301.