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Shane Dormady, MD

Hematology (primary), Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
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Dr. Shane Dormady takes an aggressive approach to treating cancer and believes there is always hope for his patients — always something more he can do for them. He never gives up on a patient, including those with late-stage cancer. 

As a medical oncologist, he finds great reward in transforming the fear people feel with a cancer diagnosis to a trust and hope that he and his colleagues will do everything possible to help them. He appreciates working with a team of cancer specialists at El Camino Hospital who make themselves available to patients 24/7. 

Dr. Dormady believes people do better when they have mind, spirit and body all working in the same direction. He wants to inspire hope and provide the same emotional support and attention he would give to his own family members.

He is convinced that El Camino Hospital’s ability to outperform national benchmarks for curing people or extending their lives can be attributed to the aggressive, cutting-edge, supportive care that he and his team provide to patients to treat their cancer and manage their side effects.

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