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Sari Levine, MD

Urology (primary)
Accepting new patients
Dr. Sari Levine gives patients her complete attention. She believes each patient has a story and takes the time to understand it fully so she can bring all her expertise to bear. She enjoys seeing and diagnosing patients, and never hesitates to reach out to her fellow urologists when a complex condition needs additional insight. Knowledge is power, and educated decisions lead to the best care. For Dr. Levine, that means aggressively pursuing treatments that improve quality or length of life when it’s medically right to do so.

Dr. Levine sees many women patients, and specializes in bladder and sexual health for both women and men. Overall urologic health is her passion, along with stone disease, prostate disease and cancers. She enjoys practicing at El Camino Hospital because of its professional staff whose broad expertise adds to her own, and its advanced technology, which means her patients have access to some of the best urologic care in the region.

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