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Peter Fung, MD

Neurology (primary), Internal Medicine, Clinical Neurophysiology, Pain Medicine, Vascular Neurology
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Dr. Fung's expertise includes neurology, clinical neurophysiology, vascular neurology and pain medicine. He is passionate about these and many other aspects of helping his patients. In addition to general neurological conditions, he treats complex, hard-to-diagnose and chronic conditions, as well as peripheral and central nervous system disorders.

Dr. Fung has devoted more than 15 years to stroke care and has seen tremendous advancements. He considers it especially gratifying to be able to treat or reverse stroke damage, including impaired function or paralysis. He emphasizes a healthful lifestyle and other steps to reduce stroke risk.

As the immediate past medical director, Dr. Fung developed a stroke program built on the latest evidence-based guidelines and best treatment practices. He notes that stroke care at El Camino Hospital offers the most advanced treatment approaches to achieve the best outcomes with the highest patient satisfaction.

Dr. Fung believes in forming trusting relationships with his patients, drawing on his years of expertise to help treat their illnesses and ease their pain. He and his team do all they can to meet each person's needs. His personalized care puts patients first. He is mindful that he sees people at a challenging time in their lives. He encourages them to partner with him in their journey to wellness. 

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