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Nirmaljit Dhami, MD

Psychiatry (primary)
Accepting new patients
Dr. Nirmaljit Dhami specializes in adult psychiatry and is Medical Director of El Camino Hospital's Maternal Outreach Mood Services program. She treats women’s mental health issues related to pregnancy and the postpartum period. She also specializes in treating obsessive-compulsive disorders in men and women. Her expertise in both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology enables her to provide the correct balance of treatment for patients’ individual needs as she provides guidance and support for their mental health journey.

Dr. Dhami believes in listening carefully to her patients, to help them know and understand themselves. She finds it very rewarding to see her patients manage mental illness successfully by applying newfound skills to life’s challenges.

She loves the nursing staff and her colleagues at El Camino Hospital, who share her compassion and excitement about innovative mental health programs, especially for expectant and new moms and high-functioning patients dealing with chronic mental illness.

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