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Elwyn Cabebe, MD

Medical Oncology (primary), Internal Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine
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Dr. Elwyn Cabebe is board certified in medical oncology, hospice and palliative care medicine, and internal medicine. He has worked with cancer patients for many years and recognizes that cancer is an uninvited, life-changing condition. He feels that his role for patients and their families is to shepherd them through the difficult process of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, with a focus on maintaining the best quality of life possible.

Besides his compassionate patient care, Dr. Cabebe has devoted himself to research. He was the first investigator in the country to conduct a lung cancer screening trial, called the REACT trial, using a genetic test developed here at El Camino Hospital. He has helped develop many of today’s modern cancer drugs through his work at Genentech and Stanford University. He believes in medical mission and volunteers his service to California’s indigent Filipino community.

He enjoys working at El Camino Hospital and believes the collegiality of the workplace and the excellence of his colleagues makes the best patient care possible.

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