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Edward Karpman, MD

Co-Medical Director, Men's Health Program, El Camino Hospital
Urology (primary)
Accepting new patients
Dr. Edward Karpman is a leading specialist in urology. He focuses on men's health, including enlarged prostate problems, prostate cancer, sexual dysfunction, low testosterone, Peyronie's disease and infertility. As a surgeon, he also specializes in microsurgery, vasectomy, vasectomy reversal and penile implants.

He takes pride in the fact that El Camino Hospital was the first hospital in California to understand that men have unique needs, which they addressed by creating the Men's Health Program. Today it serves as a model for similar programs at hospitals around the country.
Because many diseases in men are interrelated, his medical approach is comprehensive — a fact that allows him to treat a patient for the obvious problem as well as the associated problem.

As medical director of Men’s Health, top surgeon and male health authority, Dr. Karpman still enjoys “helping guys with their health problems” and treats every patient as an individual. His goal is for men to achieve not only good quantity of life, but also good quality of life.

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