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Akira Yamamoto, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery (primary)
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Dr. Yamamoto specializes in orthopedic trauma, which involves treatment of complex as well as simple bone fractures. He treats acute factures, such as a sudden break or bone injury, and conditions related to fracture care, such as nonunions (fractures that don't heal) and malunions (fractures that heal without proper alignment). Dr. Yamamoto also treats complications that can be associated with implanted materials or devices.

Other areas of specialization include joint replacements, including tissue-sparing anterior hip replacements, and complex reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Yamamoto appreciates the fact that El Camino Hospital combines the best of both worlds — the personal focus of a community hospital with the advanced capabilities to deliver complex care. He cites the expertise associated with a large academic medical center, including fellowship-trained specialists in all fields of medicine and surgery, as well as the benefits of patient-centered care at El Camino Hospital. 

He notes that doctors and patients alike enjoy El Camino Hospital's personable staff, short wait times and other perks, such as abundant parking.


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