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Nursing Magnet Program

Nursing Magnet Program

Less than 5 percent of hospitals worldwide earn the Magnet® designation of Nursing Excellence from the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC). Our Magnet recognition, designated for the third time in 2015, lets our community know we offer the very best in nursing care at El Camino Hospital.

Independent research has shown that Magnet-designated facilities consistently deliver better results for patients and increase their satisfaction. In addition, Magnet recognition helps a hospital recruit and retain great nursing staff.

Achieving Magnet designation honors the care, compassion and professionalism of our nurses who work diligently to develop the skill, knowledge and innovation needed to be leaders in their field.

Data-Proven Patient Care Improvements

El Camino Hospital provides opportunities for nurses to learn, mentor and lead the way in quality patient care. A creative environment allows them to take part in evidence-based practice projects and research. Nurses are encouraged to share their research data and performance improvement with the healthcare community at large. View examples of their studies from past years: 20182017, 2016, and 2015.

Exemplary Professional Practice

El Camino Hospital created a professional practice model to use as an overarching framework for nurses, nursing care and interdisciplinary patient care. It’s built around four elements — preventative, restorative, psychological-spiritual and growth-collaboration-education — with the patient at its center.

New Knowledge, Innovations, Improvements

El Camino Hospital’s Nursing Research Council supports continuous improvement of patient care and bedside clinical nurse research. 
Our goals are to:

  • Celebrate nursing research innovation resulting in improved patient care.
  • Empower nurses with the skills and knowledge to understand and engage in nursing research.
  • Lead in evidenced-based practice implementation throughout the organization.

The council works closely with our Institutional Review Board and our Clinical Trials Operation Committee to oversee and support nursing research and quality improvement process and activities.


Nursing research and innovation are supported by donations to El Camino Hospital Foundation.


Structural Empowerment 

El Camino Hospital empowers its nurses to address issues of concern. We designed our clinical practice model to involve the nursing staff in self-governance, decision-making structures and processes that establish standards of practice.

Transformational Leadership and Nursing Strategic Plan

In transformational leadership, leaders are charged with identifying needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration and executing the change with the help of their teams.

To communicate our nursing mission, vision, values and priorities to our own staff and as well as the organization as a whole, we utilize a Nursing Strategic Plan where patients are our top priority to improve care.