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Now it’s easy to manage health and wellness for the whole family!

Grow App

It can be challenging to keep track of details for your own health and medical needs, and even more so when you manage care for your extended family. That’s why El Camino Hospital is offering the GROW app for your Smart Phone, an exclusive FREE tool that provides a simple, secure way to track your health data and get relevant, valuable information for every member of the family all at your fingertips!

  • Private, secure and simple—the ONLY app of its kind!
  • Personalized health content for each family member
  • Relevant Silicon Valley resources and services
  • Reminders and tips for prevention and wellness
  • One touch access to expert providers

Download the FREE Grow Family Health Organizer App Today!
Get personalized content and Silicon Valley resources tailored to the needs of each family member.

Text “Grow” to 1-650-203-2493 to download.