Clinical Trials at El Camino Hospital

Clinical Trials at El Camino Hospital

El Camino Hospital offers our patients the opportunity to take part in the latest research studies.

Clinical trials are research studies that help investigators develop and evaluate new treatments for disease. Every medical treatment available to you today was first tested through a clinical trial. There are many benefits of volunteering for a clinical trial:

  • Access to new treatments that are being tested to determine if they’re safe and effective. 
  • Close monitoring by a research team.
  • Adding data that may lead to future medical advancements.

If you’d like to volunteer for a study, it’s important to understand the clinical trial process and what it’s like to participate.

Clinical Trials at El Camino Hospital

We’re currently conducting clinical trials in multiple areas of medicine, including:

How to Participate in a Clinical Trial at El Camino Hospital

Volunteering for a clinical trial is a significant gift to medical innovation. To learn more about being a study participant at El Camino Hospital, call Ryan Schroeder, Director of Clinical Research, at 650-691-4894 or email him at

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If you have questions about clinical trials at El Camino Hospital call us at 650-691-4894.