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Acute Inpatient Psychiatry

Last Updated Thursday, July 12, 2012 7:17:26 PM

The Inpatient Behavioral Health Services program at El Camino Hospital is designed to help people who are going through an acute psychiatric crisis. These individuals may have symptoms of anxiety, depression, or mania, or may be experiencing altered thought processes. They may be unable to care for their needs or at risk of harming themselves or others.

The inpatient unit provides care that is safe, relevant, and compassionate. We work hard to erase any misconceptions that patients and families may have regarding inpatient psychiatric treatment. Patients who are admitted to the hospital undergo a multidisciplinary assessment process to ensure that treatment is structured to meet the needs of the individual. Through psycho-educational training and focused activities, we help patients develop skills to manage their acute symptoms and begin the healing process.

We offer two different treatment environments within the inpatient department so as to provide the appropriate therapeutic setting for our patients. In addition, where appropriate, patients can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on our outdoor patio.

In conjunction with our outpatient Maternal Outreach Mood Services we also offer an inpatient program for women experiencing postpartum depression or other symptoms of perinatal mood conditions. To establish a sense of safety while patients undergo further assessment our inpatient Maternal Outreach Mood Services includes a designated patient room and group program specific to addressing the needs of these patients.

Our Staff

The Inpatient Behavioral Health Services staff consists of psychiatrists, registered nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, and other mental health specialists. Our satisfaction surveys repeatedly include positive feedback about these empathetic, committed, and compassionate professionals.


It is critical that a person experiencing a psychiatric emergency obtain appropriate help as soon as possible. Patients admitted to the inpatient program are referred by their community provider (physician or therapist) or are admitted following an assessment of their needs in the emergency department. Occasionally, patients are transferred to El Camino Hospital from other facilities.


El Camino Hospital
Inpatient Behavioral Health Services
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Contacting Behavioral Health Services

Our psychiatric nurses are available to perform emergency assessments 24 hours a day. To refer a patient for hospitalization, call 650-940-7291 or 866-789-6089 (toll-free), and ask to speak to a psychiatric emergency services nurse regarding a potential admission. Please do not delay calling if you or the person for whom you are calling is having suicidal thoughts. If someone poses an immediate physical threat, call 911.

Inpatient Behavioral Health Services

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