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What to Expect During Your Bariatric Surgery Procedure

Last Updated 8/20/2010 3:44:16 PM

When you come in for your bariatric surgery procedure, an admissions unit team greets you, verifies your pre-op lab work, reviews your medical history and answers your questions while prepping you for surgery.

The surgery is performed by a dedicated, expert team consisting of a bariatric surgeon, a scrub nurse, a circulatory nurse, an anesthesiologist and a technician in charge of surgical equipment. This team specializes in the specific type of bariatric surgery to be performed. Your surgery will be performed in our new bariatric operating room with size-appropriate medical equipment.

Your time in the operating room varies according to procedure: approximately 45 minutes for band or sleeve surgeries, 90 minutes for a gastric bypass and two to three hours for a duodenal switch.

All of our bariatric surgery procedures are minimally invasive, which means smaller incisions, less pain and a shorter recovery time.

While you are in the operating room, your loved ones are welcome to wait in our family-friendly waiting room, where a volunteer will keep them posted on your progress. At the end your surgery, the surgeon will come talk to your family while you are taken to the recovery room.

You’ll remain in the recovery room for around 90 minutes after your surgery. You will be closely monitored to make sure your vital signs are stable and you are comfortable. When those criteria are met for a sufficent amount of time, you will be taken to your private room on the bariatric unit, where your family can join you and stay with you until you go home.

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