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Bariatric Bypass Diet

Last Updated 7/18/2013 4:17:03 PM

In the first eight weeks after surgery, you will be provided with a diet to facilitate the healing process. You will start with a liquid diet, and then gradually progress to a puréed and very soft diet, and eventually to a modified low-fat diet.

Portion control will remain vitally important for the rest of your life. El Camino Hospital provides bariatric surgery patients with extremely detailed gastric bypass diet recommendations prior to surgery. You will need to adhere to the following general guidelines:

Eat three tiny, protein-focused meals per day. Have your meals at regular times, and eat slowly.

Take at least 30 minutes to eat each meal. Stop eating as soon as you feel full, or if you feel any discomfort. Don’t snack, because you will need to drink liquids between meals.

Drink liquids between meals, not during meals. Wait one hour after you finish eating before drinking more liquids, and sip slowly.

This is necessary to prevent overeating and keep the stomach pouch from stretching back out. The goal is a total of about six 8-ounce cups of liquid per day.

Concentrate on eating protein-containing foods first, such as fish, cheese, eggs,
poultry and seafood, when you are eating your meals. Protein is necessary to maintain your muscles and other body tissues.

Think Small
Always cut food into small pieces, and chew food very well to prevent vomiting, cramping, or blockage.

Avoid very sweet foods, chocolate, candies, high-sugar beverages and alcohol.

The gastric bypass diet does not provide all the nutrients your body needs, so you will be taking a multivitamin with iron every day, along with calcium citrate, B12 and other supplements as recommended by your surgeon.

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