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El Camino Hospital Orthopedic Pavilion for Joint and Spine Surgery - El Camino Innovates

Orthopedic patients are not sick! At least, not in the traditional sense. And that means people recovering from back surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery and other joint surgeries will do best in an environment that recognizes that and delivers a more up-to-date recovery environment. 

That’s just one of the goals that drove the creation of El Camino Hospital’s Orthopedic Pavilion. The innovative healing environment that has been created here for surgery and recovery after joint and spine surgery is covered in this video tour of the new orthopedic pavilion.

All of this is accomplished with no extra out-of-pocket expenses. Dr. Sanaz Hariri provides an overview tour of the new El Camino Hospital Orthopedic Pavilion, and she also discusses the following benefits:

  • Co-management approach
  • Nurse navigators and their role
  • Quicker recoveries
  • Our strong post-op patient commitment


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"The very day of surgery… my patients rave to me that they were already walking."

Dr. Sanaz Hariri
Orthopedic Surgeon
El Camino Hospital