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Knee Surgery Update: Lifetime Knee Replacements
El Camino Innovates

Critical learning often precedes medical breakthroughs. In this case, such learning led to an important discovery: that perfect knee replacement alignment makes it possible for a replacement to last the patient’s lifetime.

This insight led to an innovation known as knee replacement navigation. Knee replacement navigation operates on the same principles as the navigation system in your car and other GPS devices. Now, there are even greater advances in the initial navigation breakthrough, offering additional benefits to patients. 

In this knee surgery video, Dr. Rodney Wong discusses the benefits of these navigation improvements from a patient's perspective. Topics include:

  • Technology that helps perfect knee replacement surgery
  • Creating custom knee-surgery alignment blocks
  • Improvements in knee surgery recovery times


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"What we found is that for knee replacements to last--hopefully a lifetime--they need to be inserted in perfect alignment."

Dr. Rodney Wong
Orthopedic Surgeon
El Camino Hospital