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A Fresh Look at Hip Surgery Options for Hip Arthritis
El Camino Innovates

Hip pain is frequently caused by hip arthritis. Arthritis of the hip is becoming an increasingly common medical concern as we are living longer lives than previous generations.

Fortunately, medical innovation is creating a range of hip replacement and hip implant options. Patients faced with the need to consider hip replacement surgery or hip resurfacing to alleviate their hip pain now have a robust range of treatment options to consider.

In this video about hip arthritis treatment options, Dr. Christian Foglar discusses the range of new hip surgery treatment options. Topics covered in this video include:

  • Advances in Hip Replacements
  • New Hip Implant Materials
  • Considering the Right Implant Options for You
  • Hip Implant Alternatives
  • Communicating With Your Surgeon


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"The success rates in providing or creating new hip replacement materials has resulted in 93 – 95% survival rates over 20 years, which is excellent."

Dr. Christian Foglar
Orthopedic Surgeon
El Camino Hospital