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How to Make Informed Decisions About
Peripheral Artery Disease - El Camino Innovates

Peripheral artery disease is known by many names, including peripheral vascular disease, peripheral artery disease, PAD, blocked arteries and clogged arteries.

Peripheral vascular disease and blocked arteries are probably the most commonly used terms, but whatever you call it, two things are certain: 1) it has an incredibly high death rate, and 2) death or debilitating physical impairment can be mitigated if you know the risk factors, the warning signs, and where to get the best treatment.

This insightful video features Dr. James Joye, Director of Research and Education at El Camino Hospital's Norma Melchor Heart & Vascular Institute, discussing peripheral artery disease.

Spend a few minutes updating your information about this critical health issue. In addition, you’ll learn why El Camino Hospital’s innovative approaches and treatments can make a significant difference for peripheral artery disease patients.

Among the topics covered in this peripheral artery disease video: 

  • How to recognize the symptoms of peripheral artery disease (PAD)
  • What are the increased PAD risk factors to avoid
  • Medical solutions to avoid leg amputation
  • Why prevention of blocked arteries matters so much
  • Keys to success

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"Perhaps one of the areas that El Camino Hospital has become best known for is treatment of peripheral artery disease. Basically, what that is, is blocked arteries of the legs. This is a problem that affects at least 20 million people in America. It’s thought to impact 5 to 10 percent of individuals 55 years and older. And, it’s probably the strongest marker of risk for heart attack and stroke for patients in America."

Dr. James Joye
Director of Research & Education
El Camino Hospital Mountain View