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Genomic Medicine Institute Advisory Board

Last Updated Thursday, November 10, 2011 11:26:04 AM

Global Mission

To improve overall public health by leading the translation of personalized medicine in to clinical standards of care.

Local Activation

We will reach out to our community with data, education, research and will implement personalized risk assessment and treatment programs.


Become a nationally recognized leader in the application of genomic medicine and create a Center of Excellence that can be readily replicated or adapted by other hospitals.

This group has been meeting since January 2009. Last update: 6/13/2011

GMI Physician Advisory Board Members:

Dr. Ramtin Agah

Dr. Russell Andrews

Dr. John Collin

Dr. Saul Eisenstat

Dr. Stan Fischman

Dr. Richard Gilman

Dr. Munir Javid

Dr. Andy Kogelnik

Dr. Larry Kretchmar

Dr. Bing Liem

Dr. Jerry Manoukian

Dr. Cesar Molina

Dr. John Nicholson

Dr. Neda Pakdaman

Dr. Eric Pifer

Dr. Karen Purcell

Dr. Birgitt Schüle

Dr. Neal Scott

Dr. Stephen Sims

Dr. Shyamali Singhal

Dr. Katherine Sutherland

Inna Yaskin, DO

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