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Advances in Brain Tumor Treatment
El Camino Innovates

Once you learn that you or a loved one has a brain tumor, try not to panic because brain tumors are treatable. Get to a hospital that has the advanced tools, expertise and skills to help you.

CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery is an innovative tool that represents a miraculous advance in the treatment of brain tumors. When being treated by the Cyberknife, brain tumor patients walk into the treatment area in their street clothes and do not have to receive anesthesia because they undergo completely non-invasive treatment while lying on a table. Patients don’t feel a thing.

Spend a few minutes watching this video, in which Dr. Robert Sinha covers the incredible advances made possible with CyberKnife technology. Topics covered in this brain tumor innovations video include:

  • Understanding CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery
  • CyberKnife’s success against brain tumors
  • Optimizing outcomes for patients
  • Advise for brain tumor patients

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"Many brain tumors have a very high degree of success with CyberKnife, where we have control rates better than 90% and in some instances 95% or better controlling these tumors… for good."

Dr. Robert Sinha
Medical Director
Radiation Oncology
Cancer Center at El Camino Hospital