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Significant Advances in Lung Cancer Treatments and Outcomes - El Camino Innovates

For the subset of lung-cancer patients whose disease is contained to their lungs, we have a very good chance of curing them with medical technology innovations such as lung brachytherapy.

Many patients with lung cancer have pretty poor lung function, which means they are not good candidates for traditional surgical treatments. But new technologies and treatments are now creating options for many lung-cancer patients, as well as providing patients, with treatment alternatives that produce better outcomes with fewer side effects.

Spend a few minutes watching this video, in which Drs. Robert Sinha and Deepak Khuntia cover the changing landscape of lung-cancer treatment alternatives and why these changes represent so much hope.

Topics covered in this lung-cancer innovations video include:

  • Recent advances in lung-cancer treatment
  • The new cancer toolbox
  • Lung Brachytherapy and CyberKnife
  • Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

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“A recent patient was not a good candidate for surgery… if he had gone anywhere else I don’t think he would have any real good options. But fortunately at El Camino we had this alternative (brachytherapy) that will give him a better than 95 percent chance of controlling his cancer."

Dr. Robert Sinha
Medical Director
Radiation Oncology
Cancer Center at El Camino Hospital