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Tumor Board

Last Updated 6/28/2010 3:42:38 PM

Through weekly multi-disciplinary conferences called Tumor Boards, a team of physicians and other experts review patient cases and discuss potential treatment plans. Achieving this consensus of expertise ensures you that we are all working together toward a common goal - to deliver the best care possible for your special circumstances.

High-Definition Teleconference Capabilities

El Camino Hospital partnered with Sony Electronics, Inc., to be the first hospital on the West coast to feature high-definition real-time teleconference capabilities. The HD technology allows physicians to remotely share images at levels of precise detail, clarity and resolution not possible with standard definition, from individual blood vessels in a surgical video to the granular details of a pathology slide.

This real-time collaboration fosters faster and well-informed decision making. The high-definition visual communications technology allows our team to share detailed CT scans and pathology slides with physicians in other institutions. This means specialists around the country can virtually come to our meeting rooms. The implications for physicians’ collaborative education are enormous as we can now remotely share sharp, clear views.

The Sony HD visual communications system, model PCS-HG90, combined with the PCSA-CHG90 pan-tilt-zoom camera, can transfer HD-resolution video and stereo audio over an IP network for use during medical educational conferences, and lectures. This state-of-the-art video conferencing allows physicians to consult with colleagues off-site at renowned hospitals such as City of Hope, expanding the expertise available to determine patient care. The system may also have potential future uses in a broader range of medical educational applications.

The use of HD resolution further expands the potential for real-time visual medical education. Precise imagery and color reproduction is important when viewing subject matter like blood, bone or organs. In the past, the color red has always been particularly difficult to reproduce accurately with appropriate levels of gradation and shading. HD technology removes that challenge by effectively capturing the necessary image details.

In addition, the Cancer Center hosts a multidisciplinary Liver Tumor conference via video conference on the first Thursday of the month. In a joint effort with City of Hope (an NCI-designated Cancer Center in Los Angeles), the Cancer Center at El Camino Hospital communicates through high-definition videoconferencing equipment to discuss a number of liver tumor cases.  The conference is made possible through a customized Sony HD Ipela system, which combines video, image-sharing, and visual communications.  The Ipela system allows high resolution image exchange between these two locations, ensuring specialized evaluation by a number of physicians.

If you are a physician and are interested in submitting a case to the El Camino Hospital Tumor Board please contact the Tumor Board Coordinator at 650-988-7762.