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Innovation in Action at the Women's Hospital

Last Updated Friday, August 12, 2011 2:16:31 PM

The Women's Hospital at El Camino Hospital: Putting Women First

At El Camino Hospital, women account for 65 percent of our patient mix and 80 percent of our employee base. They also make 85 percent of the family health care decisions. So it's only natural that when it comes to caring for our female patients, we feel compelled to give 110 percent. That's why in 2009, we founded our Women's Hospital, the first in Northern California. The Women's Hospital encompasses our current Maternal Child Health Services and many other female-specific clinical services. Our goal is to provide seamless, comprehensive, coordinated care for women at both our Mountain View and Los Gatos campuses. Our expertise in women's health goes way beyond obstetrics, covering everything from prevention to the most advanced therapies for pelvic issues, breast cancer, urinary problems, endometriosis, and other common conditions affecting women. El Camino Hospital is consistently rated as the "best place to have a baby," and 97 percent of our new moms breastfeed, making us number one in the county, as well as the state, for breastfeeding.

Highlights of Innovative Programs and Services Aimed at Our Female Patients 

The Cutting Edge of Gynecological Surgery

Many area hospitals have invested in the da Vinci Surgical System, but finding physicians with expertise in using the robot for hysterectomies and other delicate gynecological procedures can be a challenge. Several surgeons on the medical staff were early adopters of robotic gynecological surgery. The number of gynecological robotic cases these surgeons have performed at the hospital is the highest in Northern California. Robotic hysterectomies are minimally invasive, which reduces pain, scarring, and blood loss, and allows our patients to recover much sooner. At the Women's Hospital, we are focused on treatment of conditions where women are uniquely affected, such as gynecological disorders, breast disorders, and obstetrics. But we also care for conditions such as osteoporosis, depression, and sleep disorders. Symptoms and treatment for women also vary in such areas as heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke. The Women's Hospital also offers minimally invasive procedures to treat severe endometriosis, infertility, myomas of the uterus, and other gynecological conditions.

Tracking Patterns and Potential Problems with the Family Medical History Tool

As key health care decision-makers, women have a special interest in tracking and understanding their family health histories. Our unique Family Medical History Tool can help them do just that. The result of a collaboration between El Camino Hospital and DNA Direct, this private and secure online tool is available through our Genomic Medicine Institute. The more information one adds to the tool, the more powerful it becomes, and the results can be printed and shared with family and physicians to ensure coordinated care.

HealthPerks: Membership Has its Privilegeshealthperks

HealthPerks is a unique and growing membership program that offers women health information and resources, including a monthly newsletter, lectures and screenings, age-specific health education, special gifts and discounts, membership to the Health Library & Resource Center and more. Through HealthPerks, women have access to special benefits such as free half-hour consultations on nutrition and eldercare and discounts at select health-oriented businesses.

We Cater to the "FMO" on the Go

Typically, there is one person in the household who is responsible for most health care decisions--and we've designated that person the Family Medical Officer (FMO). In many homes, it's a woman, and she coordinates care for herself, her immediate family, and in many cases, her parents as well! That means having access to health care resources at home, at the office, and on the road. That's why we're working on an iPhone app that will help busy FMOs of both genders to keep in touch with the many services available from El Camino Hospital for everyone in the family. It's our way of helping the FMOs help everyone around them.