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Meet Lisa De La Rosa

Last Updated 4/15/2013 8:49:29 AM
Image of El Camino Hero Lisa de La Rosa The fact that some people in far away countries like Afghanistan or the Philippines now have access to good medical care is often made possible through gifts of equipment and other medical supplies from hospitals in the United States.

One of those hospitals is El Camino Hospital, and for the past five years, the job of identifying, gathering and coordinating the transfer overseas of the hospital's excess inventory--everything from monitors to linens to bandages--has been that of Lisa De La Rosa and her team in the biomedical engineering department.

The team has persisted in their efforts, most of which is done outside of their regular job duties and usually after hours and on weekends, because they believe that nothing useful should ever go to waste. Their efforts have resulted in so much valuable equipment being donated to one area in Afghanistan, that the small hospital there carries her name and El Camino Hospital's logo.

"There is so much need in the world,"  Lisa says. "We have so much to share and I'm glad to do the work it takes to help those who need it most. "