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Community Benefit Report

Last Updated Monday, October 13, 2014 3:30:50 PM

El Camino Hospital has consistently fulfilled its responsibility to the community, not only by providing high quality medical care, but also by committing resources year after year to a variety of programs and services that benefit the community through education, prevention and support.

2014 Community Benefit Report

Image of Community Benefit Report Cover for 2014- click to download this PDF

2014 Community Benefit Report (PDF)

What's inside:

  • District-funded Programs
  • Total District Community Benefit – fiscal year 2013–2014 
  • Hospital-funded Programs
  • Total Hospital Community Benefit – fiscal year 2013–2014

If you would like a printed version of the report mailed to you, please contact us. The next Community Benefit Report will be issued in the autumn of 2015.

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

The community health needs assessment (CHNA) is intended to inform the investment of community benefit funds in order to improve the health of those living in the community that the hospital belongs to.

El Camino Hospital’s CHNA was conducted over the course of six months, between Fall 2012 and Spring 2013. The next CHNA will be issued in 2016. In order to understand the biggest health needs in the Image of Community Needs Health Assessment 2013hospital's community, this CHNA combines public health data with community input gathered from public health experts, front line service providers, patients, and residents. The health needs were summarized and filtered to reveal a set of top health needs across the county. These needs were reviewed by the Community Benefit Advisory Council (CBAC), who then selected nine to be addressed by community benefit investments.

Read the Image of PDF icon, click to download this document El Camino Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment.

If you would like a printed version of the report mailed to you, please contact us