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Cutting-Edge Medical Technology
and Healthcare Innovation

El Camino hospital has a long-standing tradition of being a cutting-edge healthcare provider, from the moment it opened its doors in 1961 until today, with an incredible level of medical technology innovation.

This cutting-edge focus and the passion to elevate medical technology, patient care and partnerships create health care possibilities that are vitally important to our patients’ overall well being and extend to global wellness advances far beyond Silicon Valley.

A comment made by Dr. Thomas Fogarty, found of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation sums it up: “El Camino hospital recognizes that the most realistic way to improve patient care is to improve technology.”

The high-tech and high-touch culture that elevates health care at El Camino Hospital is captured on this video by some of the people who have a role in making this possible.

Some of the topics covered in this video include:

  • Examples of medical technology benefits
  • Innovative emotional, spiritual and environmental approaches
  • Advantages gained by our location in Silicon Valley
  • The research and innovation ecosystem
  • The Fogarty Institute for Innovation partnership




"I'm very excited to be at a facility like El Camino Hospital because I am able to go home and know that I have given the absolute best care that’s available anywhere to my patients--and not only that, I can offer them care that isn’t available anywhere else."

Robert Sinha
Medical Director
Radiation Oncology