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Last Updated Friday, July 18, 2014 12:00:26 PM

El Camino Hospital Mountain View

Mother and babies will stay together in the mother-baby unit. A respite nursery is available 24 hours to support mothers needing a rest period. Newborns are monitored by a registered nurse.

El Camino Hospital Los Gatos

Mother and babies will stay together in the mother-baby-unit.

Universal hearing screenings are a standard of care at El Camino Hospital and a hearing screening will be completed before your baby is discharged from the hospital. El Camino Hospital participates in the California Department of Health Services newborn screening program. The program screens babies for 72 disorders. To learn more about the screenings visit the Department of Health Services of California website.

Security and safety
Upon birth your baby will receive a numbered armband. A matching numbered band is also given to both the birth mother and father. When the baby is brought to your room or you visit the baby in the nursery, the bands will be matched by the nursing staff.

Before your baby is discharged from the hospital, as required under California State Law, you must provide a secure, correctly adjusted car seat. Before you arrive to transport your baby home, make sure your car seat fits your car and it is ready to be used by your newborn.

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