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Mother-Baby Units

Last Updated Friday, July 18, 2014 12:14:01 PM

After delivery, you will be assigned a room on the maternity unit. In this quiet, peaceful setting, you and your family will enjoy getting acquainted with your baby.

El Camino Hospital Mountain View

Image of the Maternity Unit at El Camino Women's HospitalThe mother-baby unit has 44 beds. You will be assigned to a room based on bed availability and time of delivery. With the addition of more mother-baby rooms in the new hospital we are excited to be able to offer private rooms most of the time. We believe our rooms help you to bond with your baby and it is best to keep your baby at your side but there may be times when you need a break. Our respite nursery is staffed 24 hours a day to care for your baby if needed.

El Camino Hospital Los Gatos

All of the beds in the maternity unit in our Los Gatos Women's Hospital are private, and include six newly remodeled labor-and-delivery rooms and eight postpartum rooms. We believe our rooms help you bond with your baby and it is best to keep your baby at your side.

All of the maternity unit rooms look out on a garden courtyard, which is accessible from the rooms (newborn babies should remain inside, however). The hospital is equipped with a radio-frequency system that sets off an alarm if a tagged baby goes through one of the exits; all newborns receive one of these tags, which is strapped around his or her ankle, shortly after birth.

Our knowledgeable mother-baby staff will see to your comfort and respond to any questions or concerns you may have.

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