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Types of Reconstruction

There are two general categories of breast reconstruction:

  • Alloplastic reconstruction uses saline or silicone implants

  • Autologous reconstruction uses a flap cut from the woman's own tissue, usually from the abdomen. El Camino Hospital offers the following types of autologous reconstructive procedures: 

- Pedicle-TRAM
- Free- TRAM
- DIEP flap ( muscle sparing - uses only abdominal skin and fat 
- Surgeries using soft tissue and muscle from the back

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Breast Reconstruction Recovery Planner

Image of Breast Reconstruction Planner from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

This free guide, created and offered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, assists patients, family and caregivers to help plan for and manage the recovery following breast reconstruction surgery.
Download the guide.
Image of BRA Logo - closing the loop on breast cancer


Breast reconstruction can help patients restore their sense of wellness and health after cancer. This icon symbolizes closing the loop on the path to wellness.