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Heart and Lung Robotic Surgery Innovations

Robotic surgery enables surgeons performing heart surgery or lung surgery to function with greater flexibility and visualization capabilities than with traditional methods. This improved functionality means that surgeons are able to perform more complex surgeries.

Advances in minimally invasive robotic surgery technology and surgical techniques also mean that patients realize discernable benefits, such as being able to return to home or work more quickly.

Robotic surgery is now an option for a growing range of medical procedures, including heart surgery, thoracic surgery, esophageal surgery and lung surgery. The benefits, applications, procedures and more are covered in this robotic surgery video.

This video presents the following topics:

  • New robotic surgery approaches
  • How robotic surgery is used in heart and lung surgery
  • How robotic surgery enables surgeons
  • Benefits of robotic surgery for patients
  • Advice for prospective patients


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“Robotic surgery provides more comfort for the patient, less pain, faster recovery and frequently less blood loss.”

Ramin Beygui, MD, FACS
Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery
El Camino Hospital Heart and Vascular Institute