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South Asian Heart Center

Last Updated Wednesday, January 07, 2015 9:13:02 AM

The mission of the South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital is to dramatically reduce the high incidence of coronary artery disease among South Asians, and save lives, through a comprehensive, culturally-appropriate program incorporating education, advanced screening, lifestyle changes, and case management.

A healthy partnership between the South Asian Heart Center and Palo Alto Medical Foundation

El Camino Hospital and the Palo Alto Medical Foundation have established an alliance combining their strengths and expertise to benefit patients and the local community across a continuum of health care services.

One of the first examples of this collaborative effort is the South Asian Heart Center and the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) are partnering to provide more comprehensive, coordinated care to South Asian patients seeking help with heart disease and insulin resistance. PAMF patients who are receiving medical supervision can now be seamlessly referred to South Asian Heart Center for advanced screening, lifestyle counseling and ongoing coaching. Electronic Medical Records are now shared between the two organizations, so communication is quick and easy.

PAMF will continue to provide expert medical management for their South Asian patients through their PRANA South Asian program. South Asian Heart Center will complement their care by providing advanced screening, expert lifestyle intervention, and personal coach based lifelong management.

Who is this Center For?

This center is for South Asians- people who trace their origins from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Why is this Important?

Statistics and research show that coronary artery disease is an epidemic among South Asians, occurring at a rate four times higher than the general population. Besides the traditional risk factors for heart disease, South Asians have additional risk factors including genetic factors that pre-dispose them to early onset of and premature mortality to heart disease.

Why Special Tests?

Conventional diagnostic tests have proven insufficient to identify risk factors that are prevalent among South Asians. Advanced tests offered by the Center are better indicators of the emerging risk factors.

Are You at Risk?

If you are South Asian and have high blood pressure, diabetes, an abnormal cholesterol profile, or a family history of these conditions, heart disease, or stroke, you may be at risk. You may be at risk even if you have no risk factors currently, are physically active, and eat a vegetarian diet.

For more information about the center and hours of operation visit: www.southasianheartcenter.org.

South Asian Heart Center - Mountain View
El Camino Hospital
2400 Grant Road
Mountain View, CA 94040

Phone: 650-940-SAHC
Fax: 650-940-7144 

South Asian Heart Center - Los Gatos
El Camino Hospital
777 Knowles Drive, #17A
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Phone: 650-940-7242

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This program is funded by charitable donations. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact El Camino Hospital Foundation at: 650-940-7154.

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