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Tele-Care Service

Last Updated 12/11/2009 8:54:30 AM

Need a Friend? Consider Tele-Care

Telecare ServiceTele-Care is a service that provides daily telephone calls to those needing personal contact and support. The service is offered free of charge by volunteers of the El Camino Hospital Auxiliary.

Each day (including weekends and holidays) at a pre-arranged time, a Tele-Care volunteer will call to check on your welfare and be a good listener.

If the volunteer is unable to contact you, he or she will call someone you have designated and ask the person to check on you. As necessary, the volunteer can also contact your hospital admitting office or your local police department to request that a "welfare check" be made.

To find out if Tele-Care is suitable for your needs, you or a family member may contact the Tele-Care chairperson on Thursday or Friday mornings at 650-988-7558. Through a telephone interview, the chairperson will determine if the service can be of help to you.