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Behavioral Health Insurance Information

Last Updated Friday, May 02, 2014 12:06:53 PM

El Camino Hospital contracts with the following health insurance plans as of February, 2014. Plans are subject to change without notice. We recommend you contact not only your physician and any specialists you visit to inquire about the health insurance plans they accept, but also your insurance company directly to verify they have contracts with these physicians as well.

Coverage for psychiatric and behavioral health (mental health) services varies by each health plan. Some plans have a "carve out" for mental health care, meaning these services are covered by a separate organization which the patient must contact directly.

Please check your insurance ID card and contact your insurance carrier to determine if your mental health benefits are carved out to another organization. (For example, currently Blue Shield HMO members access Magellan Health Services and Health Net HMO members access Managed Health Network (MHN), etc.)

Important Information

  • Physicians bill separately from El Camino Hospital Behavioral Health Services; you will receive a separate bill for physician fees.
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  • If you are unsure if your health plan includes Behavioral Health Services, please contact an El Camino Hospital Financial Counselor at 650-988-8275.

  • For details on services and programs available at El Camino Hospital please visit the Behavioral Health Services section of our website.

El Camino Hospital is contracted with the following behavioral health plans for behavioral health services.

Insurance Plan Link
Aetna Behavioral and Mental Health
Anthem Blue Cross Behavioral Health
Cigna Behavioral Health
Magellan Health Services www.magellanhealth.com
Managed Health Network (MHN)
United Behavioral Health

United Behavioral Health*
(*This link will send you to OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions)

Behavioral Health - Overview of Services

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Download our brochure for more details about all our services.