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Scoliosis Surgery and Non-Surgical Treatments for Children and Adults - El Camino Innovates

Normally, if you look at the spine from the front view, the vertebrae should line up and the spine should be straight. But when the spine has a curvature of more than ten degrees, it is considered scoliosis.

Scoliosis treatments vary significantly between those for children who are still growing and treatments that are appropriate for adults, and they are based on the degree of curvature deviation, the level of pain and the medical goals. The range of scoliosis treatments available includes braces, physical therapy and exercise programs all the way up through surgical options.

This video provides an overview of scoliosis treatments at varying levels for children and adults. Drs. Thomas Kula and John Lettice cover the following topics in this video:

  • Non-surgical treatment of scoliosis in children
  • Scoliosis surgery in children
  • Non-surgical scoliosis treatments in adults
  • Scoliosis surgery for adults
  • Choosing a spinal surgery program
  • A patient success story


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"We operated on a young lady who had a phenomenal opiate intake just to allow her to perform daily activities with her children… she is now off all pain medication and essentially has a full and unrestricted lifestyle."

Dr. John Lettice
Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon
El Camino Hospital