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Video Tour: The Orthopedic Pavilion at El Camino Hospital Los Gatos

El Camino Hospital's Orthopedic Pavilion at Los Gatos provides orthopedic surgery patients a unique setting for post-operative recovery. Our orthopedic medical specialists provide treatment for spine, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder and hand disorders.

The Orthopedic Pavilion was designed by orthopedic experts to provide a safe, comfortable setting. This hotel-like environment promotes healing and getting patients back to an active lifestyle more quickly.

In this video, patients and their families will learn about features that help make The Orthopedic Pavilion an outstanding medical resource for the entire region, including:

  • Nurse navigators
  • Spacious private rooms
  • Physical therapy at bedside
  • In-room WiFi and flat-screen HDTVs
  • Fold-out chairs for guests
  • Private dining room and lounge


"A Healing Environment..." Transcript

[ Music ]

>> Hello. Welcome to the Orthopedic Pavilion at El Camino Hospital Los Gatos. Here we offer orthopedic surgery patients a truly unique setting for post-op recovery, one that's been designed by orthopedic experts to provide a safe, comfortable and healing environment with extra touches that make it more like a hotel than a hospital. Studies have shown that a specialized facility like ours can promote healing and that patients can get back on their feet and back to their active lifestyles faster and easier. Let's take a look. It's clear from the first step into our Orthopedic Pavilion that things are different here. After checking in with our concierge, patients and family are welcomed by a nurse navigator who personally escorts them to a spacious private room.

>> Here we are. Let's get you settled here.

>> Once there, patients settle in and enjoy some of the unique touches we've added to make their stay comfortable. Rooms feature large windows or a patio door to let in natural light and provided a view of our beautiful private court yard. Of course there's in-room Wi-Fi and a flat screen hi-def TV. Plus there's a fold-out chair for a family member to stay over or rest during the patient's procedure. While a patient gets comfortable, nurses visit to go over the plan for surgical prep.

>> Cut those and place a new femoral socket right down into the bone and then--

>> Doctors can also visit patients in the room or meet them in the convenient coffee lounge exclusively for our ortho patients. After surgery, patients and family can also enjoy meals in the lounge. Patients can order whatever they like from the hospital menu and we have an espresso machine and snacks right here available 24/7. Post-op recovery starts with physical therapy as soon as prescribed often the day of surgery. We do all we can to help patients get up and moving as soon as possible. Our expert physical therapy team comes right to the room to start PT at the patient's bedside.

>> How do you feel?

>> Good, yeah.

>> Soon, patients are ready to continue rehab activities in the hall or on our stairs. So, by the time they're discharged patients are comfortable being on their feet and know how to move properly to minimize pain and maximize healing.

>> It's going home day.

>> Before long, patients are ready to go to continue recovery at home. Depending on the surgical procedure patients spend one to three nights in the Pavilion to heal in high style and comfort.

>> It's good.

>> If you're interested in learning more about the Pavilion and our comprehensive orthopedic program, call today. We'll give you more information or refer you to one of our specialists. We have experts in spine, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, and hand disorders. Most of whom are board-certified and fellowship-trained, so call today and take the first step to a healthier active lifestyle.


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"Studies have shown that a specialized facility like The Orthopedic Pavilion can promote healing and get patients back on their feet and back to active lifestyles faster and easier."